Changes due to COVID-19


Attention Members and Guests:

    Beginning this coming Sunday, June 14, at 10:00AM, there will be a “worship only” service. We will meet at 10AM for a time of worship. This
schedule will continue until the virus situation allows us to safely expand our services back to normal.

     We Request that the following guidelines be followed when attending services. These guidelines are not designed to discourage anyone from coming to worship, but to make it assafe as possible for everyone who does come

If you are feeling ill, have been sick recently, come in contact with someone who has, or
tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, or for some other reason, believe you may have
contracted the virus, please wait at least 14 days before planning to attend a service.
Hand sanitizer will be available just before you enter, and throughout the building.
You are encouraged to bring and put on a face mask before you enter the buildin and wear it while you are in
the building. If you do not have a mask, a limited number will be available at the door. We are
aware that not everyone can wear a mask, but those of us who can, will help protect not only
ourselves, but also those who cannot.
Please practice “social distancing” by keeping at least 6 feet away from other members (draw an
imagery 6 foot circle around yourself). To assist in doing this, seating will be in every other row.
Family members may sit together.
The really hard part: Please, for now, no shaking hands, hugs, or elbow bumps.
Singing: The song books have been removed because of problems sanitizing them. Songs will
be sung from memory and when available, projected on the screen.
Communion: When you enter the building you will be given a plastic bag containing the loaf
(a wafer). At the appropriate time you will partake of the wafer. The communion cups,
separated from each other in the trays, will be passed to each individual, rather than passing
them from person to person. Instead of placing the cup back in the tray, please put it in the
plastic bag, seal the bag and place it in a trash can as you leave the auditorium.
Contribution trays will be passed to each individual rather than handed person to person.
Another difficult thing to ask you to do: When you leave the auditorium, try to do it a row at a
time. This will help maintain the 6 foot separation.
Please, for the present time, be careful of crowding together in the foyer. 
Unfortunately, right now, it is safer to visit outside, rather than inside the building (maintaining
the 6 foot separation of course).


Schedule of Worship Services and Bible Classes

We are temporarily only having Sunday Morning services.  

10AM worship service

There will be No Sunday AM class, No PM worship service, and No Wednesday PM service due to COVID19 precautions.


9:00 AM Bible Study
10:00 AM Morning Worship
5:00 PM Evening Worship

  *(New time 6:30PM)*


THIRD Thursday monthly Singing nights. (See EVENTS page for Details)


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We would love to have you come and visit our congregation as we strive to glorify God, serve our community and one another, as well as build each other up. We hope you’ll visit soon so that we can get the chance to meet you and know you better.


522 West FM 120
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9:00 AM Bible Study
10:00 AM Morning Worship
5:00 PM Evening Worship


**(New time 6:30PM on Wednesdays)**



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